is free of charge downloadable and runs in the background of your operating system. It complements the TSP (TAPI Service Provider) AsnomTAPIduo features by the binding to the Groupwares/PIMs Outlook and/or Notes.


allows under the integral use (part of the installation package) of the application extension ActiPOINToutlookD or ActiPOINTnotesD the identification of a caller using the volume of contact data of the selected Groupware/PIM.
Please use the documentationen (PDF) of ...outlookD and...notesD to gain an insight into the comprehensive range of functions.


AchtiNOTIFY Konfigurationsdialog


creates journal entries or EMail entries in the respective binded Groupwares depending on the settings.


ActiNOTIFY pops up either a ballon windows with the relevant call data close the system tray area and/or shows the respective groupware/PIM entry.  

Ballon Anrufhinweisfenster nahe System Tray




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